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    From 2006 until now we continue do our work in a community like water system, toilet system almost in Letefoho sub district, now we almost finish a water project in Hatulia sub district, help the school with the materials, water and toilet, we have a computer and English class at the Center. Some part of our program also helps the coffee farmer with pruning and plant a new coffee. In the clinic we provide the health service for the community, we have a doctor, nurse, ambulance.
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This website is sponsored by supporters of the Bakhita Center who think that the work being done there is of immense value now and into the future for the Timorese community. There is always room for improvement and we invite anyone who has the time and interest to contribute to this web site in any way they can. This could, for example, take the form of new content and/or photos relevant to the work of the Center or it could be editing and making suggestions on existing content. We'd welcome you to participate in telling the story of the Bakhita Center.