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  • St John of God +

    St John of God Health Care has provided support to the Bakhita Community Medical Clinic since 2007; administering health programs throughout the district, funding local clinic staff, employing a clinic coordinator and supplying fuel for ambulances and a generator. See Bakhita Community Medical Clinic
  • East Timor Sunrise +

    East Timor Sunrise Inc. sends donated goods to Timor-Leste including:
    • · school supplies, desks and chairs
    • · Suitable clothing – children, ladies (no bigger than size 12) and men (no bigger than size 34).
    • · Manchester and kitchen goods
    • · Tools
    • · musical, art, craft and sporting goods
    • · recycled office paper
    • · Christmas gifts
    • · Selected Medical supplies
  • Sail Timor-Leste +

    Amongst other things, Sail Timor-Leste organises an annual yacht rally from Darwin to Dili. Each year participants are encouraged to visit the Bakhita Center and also to buy organic coffee from the Center. See sailtimorleste.org
  • Timor-Leste Ministry of Health +

    The Bakhita Community Medical Clinic is a unique model in Timor, consisting of a partnership between the community, the Catholic Church, the Ministry of Health and private funders. The clinic provides the surrounding community much needed basic health care that would otherwise not be available without patients walking several hours to alternative clinics in surrounding areas. See http://www.moh.gov.tl/
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This website is sponsored by supporters of the Bakhita Center who think that the work being done there is of immense value now and into the future for the Timorese community. There is always room for improvement and we invite anyone who has the time and interest to contribute to this web site in any way they can. This could, for example, take the form of new content and/or photos relevant to the work of the Center or it could be editing and making suggestions on existing content. We'd welcome you to participate in telling the story of the Bakhita Center.